Lightning Bolt’s guitarist’s new game is a spiraling highway of death

Leave it to the bassist from Lightning Bolt to make the demonic/cyberpunk, rhythm/racing game of your dreams. If you haven’t heard of the band, imagine a relentless, noisy shredding of vainglorious metal riffs. If you haven’t heard of the genre, well, neither have we!

Thumper is the game in question, and judging from the “Kill CRAKHED” teaser, it’s sort of a racing game with musical elements, the likes of an Audiosurf or Dyad

If you’re questioning the game-making skills of a practicing metalhead, don’t, because Brian Gibson has also been a designer at Harmonix since the Amplitude days. 

As for release info: “It will be released in 2014 on whatever platforms make sense.” We know you’re psyched to jam with Baphomet, but for now you’ll just have to wait.