Like PONG? Live in Germany? Perfect!

Man, have we got the museum exhibit for you! The Computer Game Museum in Berlin is running a special exhibit on Atari’s 1972 classic arcade game PONG, considering the game’s social, political and cultural implications. They say:

There is no other phenomenon that compacts the development lines of our digital information society as much as Pong. The Pong myth has already emancipated itself from its historical origins in the game arcades. It has become influential in a larger context. The exhibition uses Pong to paradigmatically question man’s situation in society from various perspectives. Noticeably, this approach is often followed by young artists. Pong is therefore a common leitmotif in current artistic production. However, this labour on the myth not only deconstructs but also continues and extends it.

Check the rest at Pong Mythos.

[image][h/t to ghostfable]