Link: selfless hero or destructive jackass?

Imagine: you live in a small town, a sunny place in the woods where some people have summer homes, little vegetable gardens, even a dairy cow or two. No one is rich but no one is hurting for cash, either. It’s such a sweet town that no one even bothers locking their doors. The only real problem in town is there is a preteen boy who, at all hours of the day, walks into people’s houses and smashes all of their pottery. He has a cheerful demeanor and might even chitchat with you, but before he’s left he’s going to destroy everything that was fired in a kiln. He claims to need the money inside for an “adventure”, and it’s like, sure kid, all you want is a few Airheads, a pack of baseball cards and maybe a Playboy. “Adventures.”

Anyway, that’s Link’s true nature, as is helpfully elucidated in the charming “Link: The Pot Smasher”.