Lisa is the series of horrifying choices you wanted The Walking Dead to be

We’re not sure what to make of this one. Lisa looks to be a typical modern pixellated platformer, but it is actually a role-playing game. Does it treat the issue of torture irresponsibly, or is it a scathing criticism of its portrayal in media? And what about amputees? If the game’s set in a society without women, why is it called Lisa? 

These aren’t easy questions to answer, and that’s how the creator Austin Jorgensen intends it to be. “I hate playing a game knowing that if I make a choice, it has to be the one I know the game wants me to do, or the ‘safe’ option, or the one that leads to the good ending,” he says on the game’s Kickstarter page. “The choices you make will change the core mechanics of the game, it’s not just superficial. I want the player to really have to make sacrifices.” So be careful. The wrong choice can lead to gruesome things, such as this game being funded, or not.