Spinning bottles, galactic sprites, & one massively-multiplayer email

Impress Saint Patrick with your wisdom and know-how.

If you always wanted a Neo-Geo but the hard plastic turned you off, Analogue Interactive has your answer. They’ll build you a system and joystick from “any wood in the world” — they even give you a Wood Database to choose from.

The Hubble Telescope has spotted a real-life Space Invader! Okay, so it’s part of a far-off galaxy cluster named Abell 68 with the vague shape of Taito’s alien.

Long in the tooth and feeling low? Get out the controller. Playing videogames positively affects emotional well-being, says this study by researchers at North Carolina State University.

Put the kids to bed and please just watch this teaser trailer for Spin the Bottle, forthcoming for Wii U, right now.

Anyone can build a Delorean Time Machine. But can you take one apart? Help Kickstart the Ultimate Disassembly Project to find out.

Notch is using his Minecraftian powers to play SimCity against all odds.

If you ever wanted to play World of Warcraft using Gmail, now’s your chance. The co-founder of ROFLcon is hosting an e-mail MMO and you’re invited.

In the future we’ll all travel in tubes! (If that whole tube thing doesn’t work out, at least we’ll be full of imbedded sensors to control everything from games to ordering at the Drive-Thru.)

Harper’s Magazine traces the foundation of absurdist cartoon Archer, a journey worth taking if only to read the venerable publication’s first use of the phrase “tripping balls.”

And if all else fails, do a backflip.

Be safe everybody!