Looking to start the next Facebook? Try playing Civilization.

With Facebook’s IPO due in the next week or so, founding geek and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is about to make so much money he’ll be able to swim around in it like Scrooge McDuck. We’re talking enough money for the pit full of gold coins (naturally), but also enough to fund the ground-breaking physics research necessary to swim through little metal discs like a cartoon duck.

So how’d he get there? In a recent New York Times article, they shoehorned this tasty morsel into a bigger piece about how he got the chops to run a mega-successful tech company:

Perhaps it is no surprise, then, that Mr. Zuckerberg is fascinated by ancient Greece and Rome. As a boy, a favorite video game was Civilization, the object of which is to “build an empire to stand the test of time.”

Civilization, one friend says, was “training wheels for starting Facebook.”

 Big Zuck has definitely had to make some interesting choices— what’s your gaming preparing you for?

[via NYT] [img]