Low-cost mine clearance tool inspired by Afghani product designer’s childhood toys.

As part of his graduation project for design school, Massoud Hassani created a low-cost tool to help locals in places like his hometown of Kabul survey the area for landmines. The cost for finding landmines can be prohibitive, but Hassani’s giant Katamari-style roller is about 40 euros.  The craziest part is Hassani’s designs were inspired by actual toys that he created to take advantage of the strong Afghani winds. He explains:

When we were young we learned to make our own toys. One of my favourites was a small rolling object that was wind-powered. We used to race against the other kids on the fields around our neighbourhood. There was always a strong wind waving towards the mountains. While we were racing against each other, our toys rolled too fast and too far. Mostly they landed in areas where we couldn’t go rescue them because of landmines. I still remember those toys I’d made that we lost and watching them just beyond where we could go.

A doc of the project (above), filmed by Callum Cooper, is now a semi-finalist for GE’s Focus Forward competition and shows the device, called the Mine Kafon, in action.