Luftrausers chaotically redefines the shmup March 18

The shoot ‘em up has been using the same playbook for ages: fly forward, program the enemy patterns into your muscle memory, and blast away. But with Luftrausers, coming to PlayStation 3, Vita, and computers on the 18th, Vlambeer read that page and threw it away. Full of aerobatic maneuvers and enemies that will chase you down like a kicked up swarm of bees, it looks to be complete disorder and confusion in a bottle, more akin to the missile-porn lush airways of Bangai-O than Capcom’s 1942, which shares a similar WW2 theme. Besides, the game’s desaturated tone is gorgeous, and, as with all commercial games by Vlambeer, the gameplay promises to be combed like a longhaired cat.