Man with ironic name gets nabbed for counterfeiting games

Lawmen gave Justin Success-Brooks more than two years in jail for selling counterfeit Nintendo games.

Success-Brooks, of Foxley Lane, Purley, sold thousands of games cartridges for Nintendo’s DS and DSi handheld consoles including a “very substantial” trade with buyers in China, Croydon Crown Court was told.

The father-of-one offered bundles of counterfeit games, fitted with microchips that bypassed the consoles’ security systems, at a fraction of the price they would have cost from legitimate retailers.

In one instance he sold 75 children’s games worth a total of £1,368 for £39.95.

We didn’t think counterfeiters were that bad until recently, when a very, very annoying mission in Assassin’s Creed 3 tasked us with chasing after a counterfeiter with the speed of Usain Bolt and the endurance of Haile Gebrselassie.

They are a threat, these speedy counterfeiters, and they must be stopped!