Mangle your nostalgia with E.T. turned city sim

Remember how E.T. made scary aliens into something relateable? Or how exciting it was that other children had a cosmic adventure? Well forget those parts of the movie that you liked, since none of them feature in the new E.T. game for iOS. At VentureBeat, Jeffrey Grubb assures us, at least, that there are way fewer bugs than in the Atari E.T. game.

The developer rushed [the Atari E.T. game] to market due to a prolonged negotiation between the studio and Atari. The result is still considered one of the worst games ever made. Unfortunately, the publisher was expecting big things for the game and produced far too many cartridges, which it couldn’t sell to retailers. Atari reportedly ended up dumping thousands of copies in the desert so it would no longer have to pay for the warehouse storage space.

At least the E.T.: The Green Planet digital download, available in the Apple App Store, is at no risk of a similar fate.