Mario shills for the mayoral candidate in Acapulco election.

Politicians have long used videogames to help themselves look better. In 2005 Hilary Clinton introduced legislation to make the sale of violent videogames to minors a federal crime. Before her, Joseph Lieberman never seemed to tire of making hyperbolic claims about the morally degenerative effects of videogames on the brains of the young. 

In Acapulco, Mexico one candidate, Pepe Guerrero, has posed for a photo alongside Mario in an effort to win voters affection. “Pepe Guerrero es tu bro,” the billboard proclaims, riffing on Mario’s most famous role as one half of the Mario brothers. Presumably Nintendo has not officially approved the use of its corporate mascot in the Acapulco mayoral election and, save for a bushy Stalin-esque mustache, Guerrero doesn’t look anything like Mario. 

[via GoNintendo]