Married couples who play MMORPGs together, stay together.

Next Valentine’s Day, really express your love not with a bouquet of flowers, but with the latest World of Warcraft edition. 

Via a recent Brigham Young University study, researchers have found that married couples who both engage in MMORPGs, like, of course, World of Warcraft. The study first surveyed the gaming habits and marital conditions of 349 couples, then split the couples into two groups: those couples who both play videogames and those couples with only one spouse playing. 

To no one’s surprise, these gaming couples were far happier than their counterparts, spending time playing together and interacting within the game’s world. Curiously, the happiest spouses tended to play in separate guilds as to avoid competitive tensions. On the other hand, seventy to 75 percent of married participants with only one spouse playing reported that their relationship suffered because of gaming habits. Oftentimes, this was due to what time couples headed to bed and the disparity that occurred due to excessive gaming. 

-Lyndsey Edelman