Play of the Day: Soundstory: 10:00pm is an iOS interactive "something"


Matthew LoPresti’s app, Soundstory: 10:00pm, can be found in the iOS app store, inconspicuously categorized under “Books.” However, if you’re in the mood for a familiar literary experience, move along. This experiemental, genre-bending piece of software, illustrated in grayscale pixel-art, shares little with traditional books and plenty with hybrid art forms. In Soundstory: 10:00pm, players page through the computer of George Wells, reading news headlines, email correspondence, and journal entries, superimposed over a skyscraper backdrop and 8-bit musical score.

According to LoPresti, the app is simply “something that does something, resulting in the creation of a new world through the power of literature, music, visual art.” Many games could be described as such, though few are as transparent in their relationship with classic art mediums. Spend a few minutes with Soundstory: 10:00pm and— between uncovering an epistolary narrative, paging through pixelated imagery and absorbing a quirky soundtrack— you’ll feel as though you read a book, listened to music, and contemplated visual art simultaneously… or something.

[via Creative Applications Network] [img]