Meet our new interns.

Every couple months, we get a shiny new batch of interns. They’re bright, motivated, and photogenic. Here’s a quick snapshot of the new crop after we asked them introduce themselves.

– – –

Alex Martin

“Alex is the grandson of an ex-member of the Amish church and the son of a Mennonite pastor. A husband and father, he only needs two more children to field a complete Left 4 Dead 2 co-op team ready to survive a zombie apocalypse.”

Conor Burnett

“Conor Burnett is a senior at NYU. He is courageous, handsome, and strong.” (Ed. note – we require all of our interns to submit photos with cast members of The Jersey Shore.)

Bijan Stephen

“I’m a senior at Yale University, majoring in Biology; I enjoy writing, music, long walks on the beach, and GLaDOS. I’m interested in the intersection between highbrow/lowbrow culture, and where videogames fit into the realm of art. (Because they’re art.)”