Snake goes Rag & Bone in the making of Metal Gear 5

We already figured out from all the teasers and the gossip that Hideo Kojima and co. were doing Metal Gear Solid 5. That much was obvious. But what we were yet to learn is where Snake gets his ultra-fashionable, distressed leather jackets from. I can confirm it’s not from Rag & Bone. 

Yesterday, at a G.D.C. session presented by Kojima Productions, called “Photorealism Through the Eyes of a FOX”, the clothes design artists briefly showed off their toolkit for making our gruff, grizzled, eye-patched hero look dead sexy and totally nonchalant. Effortlessly and quick, the tools are able to distress the fabric, add or remove wrinkles, crimp the collar, and tailor the sleeve lengths and do alterations on the fly, which is just damn awesome. 

Just another case of videogame technology one-upping life: my alterations generally take a good week.