Metal Gear snags 24’s star, Scrolls goes live, and Smash Bros. returns yet again

Badland, what might be the solidest original iPhone game this year, has been updated with 30 new brutalizing levels. It’s by ex-Trials guys, so prepare for devout suffering.

That guy from 24 (Kiefer Sutherland) is the scraggily voice of Metal Gear’s Snake. And GIFs!

A new Smash Bros. is coming! Why am I not surprised? 

The Boards of Canada‘s alt-reality game is over, but we couldn’t be more excited about the immanent release of their new album on June 10th. The Creator’s Project exchange niceties with their videographer.

Mojang’s deck-collecting card game Scrolls is officially live. Magic the What? 

Turns out Gauntlet’s pioneering four player co-op was totally inspired less by a spirit of comradery and more by the fiscal philosophy of gouging us: “You had four people playing at once, which was a dollar for a couple of minutes instead of 25 cents,” says a guy who owns a museum about videogames. 

A shame that Zygna didn’t achieve better results with a near-identical financial strategy: “big data wasn’t as big, or at least as powerful, as lots of people thought. One reason for Zynga’s early valuations was that people thought its data had near-infinite power. It knew exactly how to make games and how to structure them: when to offer rewards, how people behaved at certain times of day. But data and imagination are different things, and, despite what it knew, Zynga’s games became progressively less successful.”

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