Xbox One throws small indie creators a bone

All ye lamenting the death of fart simulators, lament no more. Project Spark for the Xbox One, the formerly PC-only game-maker project aimed at amateur developers, looks to remedy the problem of the walled garden Microsoft created when they got rid of Xbox LIVE Indie Games. 

As you may recall, the Indie Games service was a free-for-all that allowed anyone and eveyone to publish a game on console, no matter how crappy. So when Microsoft opted to forgo it on Xbox One, replacing it with their new “ID@Xbox” program, which requires devs to receive an exclusive invite to be part of, it put an end to the plague of Minecraft clones, flatulence prevention trainers, and erotic massages from the Xbox controller, but it also took a hatchet to some highly-legit developers.

Hopefully this will get them back in action. But there’s still no word on if and when the little guys will be able to make money off their efforts.