Milla Jovovich on why game sequels and Hollywood action flicks are one in the same.

In an interview about the upcoming film Resident Evil: Retribution, Milla Jovovich summed up the mentality of Hollywood action flicks. In short, it is an awful lot like the mentality of blockbuster games:

The whole point is that we want to make every film better than the last one. So we definitely have more creatures and monsters and action. And the action sequences for the actors are really difficult. It’s one of the most trying physical undertakings that I’ve ever done in an action movie. I think the Jill and Alice fight has over two hundred moves in it, which is more than Nick Powell did for The Bourne Identity. It’s pretty crazy.

Her comment reads like hypothetical bullet points on the box of Resident Evil 6: MORE bad guys, MORE moves, and it’s even HARDER than before.

Maybe Capcom public relations instructed her to say it that way…

-Jason Johnson