Minecraft fans build Walt Disney World from scratch…with working rides.


I’m normally loathe to post new Minecraft projects (“Hey, we built Ford’s Theatre….in Minecraft!) but sometimes a project comes along that makes you rethink that policy.  Behold the Magic Kingdom in block form. No work if you have to park in an adjacent town and walk over. TheRealDuckie explains:

This project started on the Reddit Creative Server and was later moved to Redstonehost.com. It took us 4 months of work and over 25 Cast Members to finish. We have recently started on EPCOT and will be continuing the resorts soon. As each park is finished we will release another download. As always, these downloads are free. We seek no monetary gain.

Also, is just me or is the production value of the trailers for these mods going up?

[Via Boing Boing]