Minecraft Modder Recreates Zelda

Depending on who you ask, Minecraft is either one of the most awesome or most annoying games in recent memory. On one hand, it’s more or less a virtual Lego set that, if you’ve got the time and creativity, gives you a digital palate upon which to get your Picasso on. On the other, it’s just a game with no point where you throw blocks around.

However, one Minecraft player recently pushed the game to its fullest potential:

Minecraft modder Gary520 has crafted a world inspired by The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time and A Link to the Past, complete with memorable locations, weapons, and of course, Link.

Gary520 says we can expect over 10 hours of gameplay, 8 dungeons, and tons of secrets.

Hats off to you, Gary520. It’s pretty awesome that you managed to take a game and then make a whole ‘nother game out of it, in the process bringing the original game to its logical conclusion and eliminate the need for it to ever exist, ever..

-Drew Millard

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