Missed Digital Revolution at the Barbican? Play with Drawn Together instead.

I didn’t get a chance to see Digital Revolution at London’s Barbican and I guess I never will, as it closed yesterday. A phenomenal exhibit that spanned the work of Kill Screen favorites like Yuri Suzuki’s sound design, Chris Milk’s interactive video work, and Harmonix’s playful oeuvre, Digital Revolution brought together some of the best of the future of spatial and digital interactive design.

No worry, though: I can toy with one of its exhibits on iOS. Universal Everything‘s collaborative animation project Together has you complete tiny frames of work, sketch by sketch. Co-commissioned by the Barbican and the Space, it presents the audience with a limited toolset to create simple loops ” as simple as drawing on paper,” according to UE. Its ease of use shares kinship with Jono Brandel’s music-making synth toy Patatap, which I couldn’t recommended more.

Initially those drawings from the web project were shown at the Barbican, but now you can take it on the go with their app Drawn Together, released this summer.

You can play with Drawn Together here.