Missed our last evening of musical duels? Tonight is your next chance

If you haven’t yet been to our summer block parties in partnership with Down Town Alliance’s Game On!, there’s still time! We will be at the corner of Water and Wall St. tonight from 5-8:30 PM playing games, drinking, and having a blast. Due to its popularity last month we will once again be exhibiting Johann Sebastian Joust, the local multiplayer where you duel friends and strangers to the tempo of Bach’s Bradenburg Concertos. Playing Joust on a street-corner with a bunch of strangers is a unique experience, so make sure to come check it out. 

Our second game this month is Gorodki, a Russian folk game that was allegedly a favorite of Peter the Great. It is a boules-style game similar to Kubb (the Viking game played with human skulls) and has a similar destructive symbolism. Players arrange their pins into “little towns”, and their opponents do their best to obliterate those towns by throwing wooden bats to wreak havoc. So let your inner conqueror come out with a little harmless after-work carnage.

So join us from 5-8:30 today, August 12th, at the corner of Water and Wall St to try out these great games. This is our second-to-last summer block party, so if you haven’t been yet today is the day to check it out! 

Header image courtesy of Die Gute Fabrik

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