The game that will help you get into college

As far as my parents are concerned, my college applications were delivered months before they were due. In reality, I adhered to a strict policy of delivering them in the 24 hour window before their deadlines (and I’d hazard a guess that this limited their quality). If only Mission: Admission had existed when I was a kid:

“Through game-based approaches, we hoped to meet kids where they are (online and playing games) and provide practitioners with a scalable, engaging college access tool,” explains postdoctoral research associate Zoe Corwin. 

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This part would have been especially useful:

“The game cultivates in players an understanding of the importance of managing time well, paying attention to deadlines, and balancing academics and extracurricular activities,” says Corwin of the game’s aim. “Players learn information as well – such as the concept that different colleges have different application requirements, but more importantly, they learn and practice strategies that empower them to take parallel actions in real life.”

And the results?

The team’s been playing the game with three Los Angeles schools that teach low-income students, where studies are underway to measure the impact of the game when it comes to its actual success. Preliminary research seems to show that while one playthrough seems to have on average a minimal impact, college-going efficacy begins to increase exponentially through subsequent playthroughs, says Corwin.

In the team’s view, this result so far is consistent with a major principle of game design, where learning occurs after successive attempts and failures on a course to attain mastery.

Due to the linear nature of time, I am not able to take advantage of this game, but I’m eagerly awaiting Misson: How to Make $300,000/yr While Not Doing Much Work and Drinking Beer in Large Quantities and How to Refinance Student Debt?