Mobile gaming on the bus: Solved!

Not satisfied with urinal games (guess how they’re controlled)? Do you think more of life’s banalities should be gamified? Then you might want to take a look at the Game Strap, a hand-held game console that hangs from the handle straps found on buses and subways. 

The console, designed by Jiang Qian, offers games like Tetris and pinball, and is powered simply by the grip of the commuter’s hand. As soon as the player lets go of the Game Strap, it will power off. And just so you don’t get too immersed, the Game Strap will also display the arrival time of each station, as well as vibrate to remind players that their stop may be up. 

Qian hopes the Game Strap will alleviate some of the boredom and anxiety of the daily commute, dubbing his experiment “The Joy of Waiting.” 

Lana Polansky