ModDB celebrates 10 years of modding

ModDB, a site that gathers and distributes videogame mods, (also known as modifications, usually fan-made changes to a game’s code), celebrates its tenth anniversary. Back in 2002, before MySpace, right after Napster went under, was when ModDB was created to help organize the modding community. For a little nostalgia, here’s what the site looked like in 2002:

If you’ve never knowingly played a mod, you might think they’re for people who are really into one game, but some of today’s most popular games are actually mods. Team Fortress started out as a Quake mod, and Counter-Strike is a Half-Life mod. The Stanley Parable and DayZ are both mods that are popular now. 

If you’ve never looked into mods before, it’s a great time to do so. Many mods are free, and some will make playing Oblivion much more pleasant. If you’re interested in the history of the most popular mods, ModDB’s hall of fame is a great place to start.