Monaco is upon us, a Girl Scout badge for game design, and Minecraft’s creator makes Time’s 100

For the budding new media artist, there’s for(){};, a project that lets you play videogames on acrylic paintings. My only question is where do you plug in the NES pad?

We all well know the best Girl Scout cookie is Samoas. But the best Girl Scout merit badge? Easily, game development.

Riding the coattails of Batman, Lord Vader, and Severus Snape, the Lego global enterprise is valued at $15 billion, making it the largest toy brand. Period.

Why did Sega drop out of the hardware arms race? As a recently unearthed prototype called the Sega Pluto leads us to believe, it was because they were having an incredibly hard time coming up with a console name that wasn’t terrible.

Let me introduce you to the MOGA Pro, the unholy coupling of an Android phone and a DualShock. Ridiculous, or ridiculously awesome? Your call.

Monaco, the outstanding and truly stylish co-op heist game, is out next week! Trust us, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Jay Z, Rand Paul, and, you guessed it, Markus Minecraft Persson are among Time’s most influential people of 2013. Will Wright tells why.

And in a move to become more hands-on, The Exploratorium has been reborn as San Francisco’s most interactive and playful museum

See you next week!