Monument Valley fan art makes us wish those new levels were ready now

We don’t normally post about fan art, but when that fan art is for the quaint and lovely M.C. Escher-esque Monument Valley, we’ll make an exception, because beauty yields beauty, it appears. That such a small and unpublicized game has inspired a group of dedicated artists on Tumblr is pretty amazing. And what a wonderful Tumblr it is. Monument Friends is a hub where players have created and uploaded a lot of inspiring and geometrically impossible art. 

My personal favorite is this fuzzy, stuffed animal incarnation of the puzzle block creature that helped you reach higher ledges of non-Euclidean planes. He is much less disturbing like this. Other beauties include drawings of disjointed level design, like this one that crosses Monument Valley with Journey’s desert ruins. It gets me excited that the developers are designed new levels as we speak. 

Check out all the fun art, then go play Monument Valley again. I know you’ve been looking for an excuse to.