The moody, stylish cyber-noir The Last Night is becoming a full game

Brothers Tim and Adrien Soret produced The Last Night for a cyberpunk game jam earlier this year, and it immediately turned heads. Brief, allusive, and massively confident, the game pulls from the most visually assertive visions of cyberpunk (Blade RunnerGhost in the Shell) and tells a story of thudding simplicity. We liked it a lot, comparing it to Titan Souls, and now, like that game, it has made the jump to full-game status: the brothers have announced a Kickstarter for sometime next year. 

There was not an earth-shattering amount of variation to the original experience, just a mountain of aesthetic confidence, but in the full release they’re promising more varied, discrete zones, multifarious crowds, the need to “keep a low profile,” and the ability to suss out a situation and act however you wish. If it’s me playing, I just want replicants to know: I shoot first and ask questions later. I do not trust robot-people. 

You can find out more on their site, or play the original game here. After playing, check out our lovingly contrarian analysis here