Qrth-phyl is basically Snake in 3D, on the hunt for vowels

What if you could play Snake in 3D? The new qrth-phyl, by Hermit Games, is basically a 3D version of the arcade and cell phone classic, but the levels are random. Jeffrey Matulef on Eurogamer explains:

Qrth-phyl features self-generating code, so the challenges won’t play out the same way twice, and intriguingly Hermit Games bills it as an “arcade documentary,” that explores the beginnings of it source material.

The game also features an adaptive difficulty ala Hermit’s last game, the shmup Leave Home, which our Kristan Reed awarded an 8/10 in his digital roundup where he wrote, “With its disturbingly frazzled intro and mangled retro aesthetic, this is a glorious trip into one man’s fractured imagination.”

The game comes out today on XBLA and PC.