The most dangerous (video) game on the generative English countryside.

Drifting toward a more Deist approach to the in-game world, Big Robot’s in-development Sir, You Are Being Hunted generates its own environment. Ostensibly, Hunted is a game of surviving on moors patroled by rabid, robotic, tea-drunk gentelmen poachers, who presumably shoot on sight. But these spooky moors were not designed–they were set in motion by the developers:

Nothing here is hand-placed. The screenshots haven’t even been particularly agonized over. We just ran and fired off the screenshot key. This is what Tom’s procedural British Countryside Generator creates. Details of how he’s done this will be coming up in the next few weeks. 

Forget cheery equilibrium–game developers may finally imbue nature with its due grace and volatlity. Read on to Big Robot to delve into Hunted and further curious projects. 

[via Creative Applications]