Motion-capture actors are still actors. So why aren’t they treated that way?

Nominees for the 2012 academy awards were announced this week. And once again much to Andy Serkis’s irritation, he’s not getting the credit he deserves:

“The acting community has worries about performance capture because they believe it’s some form of replacement for performance when in fact, it’s the opposite,” Serkis, in Los Angeles on break from reprising Gollum in the upcoming Hobbit movies, tells in a phone interview. “Performance capture is a tool that allows actors to transform themselves into many different characters. You’re not confined by physicality. You can play anything.”

“High-end videogames,” the article goes on to say, “have also become a major employer of performance-capture artists.” Game developers have recently begun to cultivate more of a critical following (such as the Writer’s Guild of America) to highlight their artistic achievements. So why is acting work still lagging behind in terms of institutional recognition?

Yannick LeJacq

[via Wired]