Movable Play continues October 6th

Our monthly series of free talks driving the future of design forward mobile games continues October 6th. Every month we bring together experts, one from the creative and one from the business side of mobile games development, to share their successes, failures, and everything in between. Here’s a look at what this month’s even has in store: 

Erica Gorochow and Charlie Whitneyco-creators of Specimen

Erica and Charlie are two-thirds of the team behind Specimen, an incredibly addictive iOS game about color perception. In addition to creating Specimen, both Erica and Charlie have worked as members of New Inc

Jeb BaliseCEO at Puzzlesocial Inc

Puzzlesocial’s mission is awesome, free crossword puzzles.They put out a new crossword puzzle daily, and have over a million puzzles solved each week. Jeb is also an adjunct professor at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Business in New York, so he knows business. 

Mark DeNardo, sound wizard for Pixeljam

Mark is a co-founder of the team at Pixeljam, creators of Dino Run, Potatoman Seeks the Troof, and others. Upcoming games featuring Mark’s sound work include Bit Bit Blocks and Puzzle Pussycat. 

Movable Play is co-sponsored by Dots and Kill Screen and housed in the beautiful Dots studio at Betaworks. Join us October 6th for food, beer, and some great talks by leaders in the mobile games industry. Fill out the form below to RSVP for this free event.