New game allows you to make only one move each day. Genius or annoying?

The Super Friendship Club, a forum for casual videogame creators, encouraged participation in a “slowjam” to make a game about rituals in two weeks. One of the resulting games by Michael Brough is called VESPER.5

In this game, you may take one step each day, and then you must wait for the next day. If you wish to complete the game, you will have to make it a part of your life for at least 100 days. Make a ritual out of it. […] Will you treat it as a ritual or merely a routine? Will you add to the ritual, embellishing it in your own way, making it yours? 

Since the game only came out last Sunday, no one has gotten very far. The game’s insistence on daily participation over a long period of time makes it more demanding than most gamejam games, which can usually be played in a matter of minutes. Is the game a setup for disappointment, like Cow Clicker, or a way to force players to slow down and enjoy the atmosphere? In this case, a little more time will tell.