Murder Renaissance men with theology, seduction, and firearms

Classical music and art reminiscent of the Renaissance period are at the forefront of Masques and Murders, the newest game by designer James D. Patton. Players must navigate court as a lady dealing with the aftermath of her brother and father’s murders, which has left her heir to a fortune.

Meanwhile, the prince who orchestrated these murders plans to force her into marriage with one of his sons to secure the fortune for himself. Using skills such as rhetoric, dance, and swordsmanship, the protagonist must impress and woo each of her would-be husbands to earn their trust and seal their demise.

The entire game runs on a timer: There are a limited number of days before she is to be wed. Until then, players have the option for her to make herself apocalyptically incensed, study across nine different topics, befriend the princess, seduce each man, and attend events.

Much of her fate is chosen for her, as most events are mandatory and she is required to have a certain proficiency in particular skills to excel at them and maintain good graces with potential husbands. The challenge, then, is to do so while avoiding suspicion and killing them all before she’s bound for life.

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