My Girl the videogame will either make you laugh or cry, but probably laugh

There are so many ways a videogame adaptation of the movie My Girl could go wrong, and My Girl: The Movie: The Video Game capitalizes on every single one of them, starting with the unwieldy name. Yes, this is one of those jokey platformers like The Great Gatsby whose punchline in its entirety is that this property should never have been a game. 

But its far more low-rent than that. You set out on a stroll through the countryside, playing as Macaulay Culkin, or whatever the name of his character was. Breathe in the fauna that is crudely rendered in crayon art while you can. The chiptune version of The Temptation’s “My Girl” soon wobbles off-tempo into unrecognizable clatter. And of course it quickly dawns on you how this story ends, as the bees buzz in. 

There’s not a heck of a lot to it, but its worth a laugh, and then hating yourself for that laugh, and then playing again.