N++ trailer shows off what all those plusses mean

With its second-and-a-half sequel, N—the original keyboard-smashing, nuts-and-bolts jumper—has added another + to its belt, indicating that it’s bigger, badder, and probably harder. But also that + means it’s still the same beautifully designed platforming that you loved when avoiding trigonometry homework on your mid-aughts Dell laptop. 

The Playstation Blog has a post by dev Metanet explaining all the new bells and whistles, like deathmatches and, because this is PS4, particle effects. As witnessed in photos and the trailer, the game does look very pretty, but pretty in the way that an elegant minimal design can carry an aesthetic, not pretty in the way that will knock you down. We’ll see that prettiness sometime soon, won’t we? 

No release date has been announced, but we’ll let you know when it gets here.