Nadal, Murray Battle for #1… in FIFA

Novak Djokovic might have won Wimbledon this year. But the real competition was up in the players’ hotel rooms.

Perennial champ Rafael Nadal and Scotsman Andy Murray face off regularly, both on the court and on the digital pitch of their PS3, The Herald Scotland reported.

The trash talking ahead of [last month’s] Wimbledon semi-final began in earnest when both men conceded that computer games had formed the basis of their friendship, but offered differing opinions about their respective abilities. […]

“Normally we play PlayStation when we are in the same hotels in a tournament,” said Nadal, who was never in trouble against the American [Marty Fish] and has a 4-2 head-to-head record in grand slams against the Scot. “Now he really doesn’t want to play more. He has lost the last few times. Seriously, that’s true. He has lost almost every time.”

The Scot was having none of this and got some cyber sledging of his own in. “Rafa actually isn’t very good at PlayStation,” claimed Murray. “His partner is very good.”

In other news: Top Rank Tennis remains the best tennis videogame, ever. Discuss.

-Jon Irwin

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