NASA-hosted game jam opens space of possibility

In three weeks, The Night Rover Challenge will be hosting a game jam. From March 8th to March 10th, developers will gather together at the NASA Ames complex in Mountain View, CA to create games about the science of space.

The Night Rover Challenge is a subsidiary of NASA. While their main goal is to encourage folks to develop a better battery for space travel, they’re using this game jam as a way to raise awareness and to educate the public on the “real science and technology advancements made in aerospace exploration.”

– – –

While it is not entirely sponsored by NASA, the game jam is hosted on a NASA compound. As a result, the ticket website makes sure to list a whole host of things that the government prevents you from doing.

We will be on a NASA facility so… please do not: smuggle illegal contraband, break any ITAR laws, use the NASA “meatball” logo in obscene ways, blow anything up, or otherwise conduct yourself in unsavory behavior while on the NASA facility. It is a federal offense to do so.

You hear that developers? The feds are watching. So don’t blow this for the rest of the game community. We don’t need any more guff from them.