Natural Selection 2 is the world’s newest esport

Players of Natural Selection 2 have crowd-funded over 30 thousand dollars on Go Find Me to pay for the first Natural Selection 2 World Championship. This makes the competitive first-person shooter one of the newest and unlikeliest of esports. The event will be broadcasted at a yet to be announced date in Koln, Germany, because apparently the Germans love shooters where military commandos take on acid-spitting reptiles. 

In case you are unfamiliar with the game, what sets it apart from other shooters is pretty much everything. Players have the option to play as mutant creatures, large alligator teeth jutting up from the edges of the screen. Developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, the game allows you to evolve, i.e. upgrade, these aliens with abilities to your liking as you play.  

This is an interesting development, as esports tourneys are traditionally reserved for uber-popular games such as League of Legends, Street Fighter 4, and StarCraft 2. We love the idea of lesser-known games that try more experimental things making a move on the esport scene. More, please.