Nevermind, the survival-horror game that feeds on biofeedback, goes to Kickstarter

Most scary games just want to scare you, but Nevermind wants to scare you and then help you manage your anxiety. The concept for this white-knuckled first-person experience is really cool, taking advantage of biofeedback not just for self-help, but actually to adjust the thrills and chills as you play. It uses a headset that reads your pulse to hook into your biorhythms, and then pushes your panic button repeatedly. When you’re scared, the game gets harder; the only way to continue is to calm yourself down. And no cheating with Klonopin. We’ve talked about it before, and we’ll be talking about it again in a feature sometime soon. The Kickstarter campaign just went live, and we thought you’d like to know that creator Erin Reynolds is in need of test subjects for horrific scientific experiments. Ahem, I mean players. Definitely players.