New Bloodborne trailer shows horror is better with friends

I’ve always thought Bloodborne is what might happen if the raw brutality of Dario Argento merged with the insane hellscapes that must populate the mind of Clive Barker. The new trailer takes us to some spaces generally familiar to horror buffs, but does so beautifully. It even lets me do the thing I love the most about horror: share it with a friend.

The new trailer shows off not just one but two cloaked slayers of the accursed. Ignoring how awesome it would be to literally hack and slash one’s way through large, fleshy, blood-splattering foes, consider the state of horror games. Game designer and Bloodborne director Hidetaka Miyazaki perhaps understands that we explore the darkest alleyways and take on the biggest beasts together. We take bigger risks in the company of others and venture into places we otherwise would never go. Horror is better with friends, and Bloodborne is better for it as well.

Bloodborne comes to the PS4 on February 6th.