New Godzilla can produce an ungodly amount of urine

Godzilla has always been huge, but the Godzilla in the new Godzilla flick is frigging mammoth, and an un-thought-of consequence of that 55,000 tons of girth is a whole lot of urine production. According to the calculations of folks at Deep Sea News, a real mutant lizard of that size would micturate a staggering 151,436,928 gallons per day. This is of course the unsavory side of Kaiju movie production Hollywood doesn’t want to tell you. 

And the problem isn’t going away. They’re predicting that Godzilla will grow to a staggering 945 feet tall by the year 2050. That’s based on past performance and the ever-increasing height of modern skyscrapers, which Godzilla must topple to impress mates. At least that’s the scientific explanation. I seem to recall in the older films that he was angry with civilization for spilling nuclear waste into the ocean of drinking water he swallows.

Via Deep Sea News