New mouse to cure sweaty-palmed gaming marathons.

Marching one step closer to a future of feeding-tube monitors or subwoofer footbaths, the Black Element Cyclone Edition is a mouse that wields a 6000rpm fan aimed to send cool, dry air through the slimy crevasse between your palm on the plastic. According to Engadget, the creators TT eSports, the gaming product underling of Thermaltake, plans to release the mouse this month for $80.

The patent pending design promises to keep noise down to a sub-environmental 21.7dB, while delivering an airflow of 2.6 cubic feet per minute — which, if you’re lucky, should be enough to not only keep your digits dry but also reach your palm. The fan can alternatively be removed, in which case you’ll be left with a 6,500 dpi laser sensor, an adjustable weight of up to 22.5 grams, “military-grade” grip coating and an abundance of natural oils.

The luxury! Indeed technological forays into tactility have some of the most facinating and unpredictable results. Let’s chalk this one up as comfort level: aircruise.