New PBS Game/Show asks if Goat Simulator is a comedy revolution or a glitchy mess (Plus Tim Schafer!)

What’s the deal with Goat Simulator? (Hmm… it seems my awesome Seinfeld impression doesn’t come across very well in typing.) But think about it. This silly game about goats which has no point, aside from being funny, does some seriously inspired stuff with videogame slapstick. 

Namely, there are no jokes. Yeah, you can tumble your goat head-over-hooves down a water slide, or ride a jet-pack into the pumps at a gas station. But the difference here is it casts the player in the role of the comedian, which is pretty different than the way laughs are typically done.

Also look out for a special guest appearance by game funny-man Tim Schafer to shed some words of wisdom on the subject. 

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