New PBS Game/Show asks if you will suck at virtual reality

Virtual reality has the potential to cause the most tumultuous sea change in games, well, since virtual reality. The tech was introduced back in the ‘80s, but the thing is, it never materialized into anything, except for that mobile VR cave I played once at the mall. 

Now, things are different. Affordable consumer virtual reality headsets are eminent, and the experience is amazing. Only one problem. The games we play today don’t lend themselves very well to being inside them. I mean, could you imagine stuffing a body in a dumpster in a virtual reality version of Hitman. Talk about uncomfortable. 

From the physical to the psychological, there are all sorts of ways gaming in VR will be totally different than the games we play today, raising the grave concern that we will all righteously suck at virtual reality. Jamin at Game/Show explores.

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