New StarCraft II documentary takes a close look at the thrill of the hunt

Earlier this month a teaser for the feature-length Starcraft II documentary, My Life for Aiur, was released. The film, whose title borrows its name from the game’s contested Protoss planet rich in biodiverse minerals, follows the massive subculture surrounding one of the world’s most popular online sports. Spanning the globe from America to Korea, the documentary focuses upon two of Starcraft’s infamous professional players, Greg “iDra” Fields and Geoff “INcontrol” Robinson, as they claw, taunt, and macro their way to the top. Aiur sets its lens upon the drama surrounding the professional Starcraft tournament circuit, recording the growth of electronic sports from a fan, player and business perspective.

Just today Major League Gaming, the premier platform for US e-sport competition, announced, in an official press release, that streaming video of their Columbus Ohio’s Pro Circuit championship had an unprecedented 22.5 million hits. To put it in perspective,’s viewership nearly doubled that of’s 11.4 million streaming views of the pro draft, which took place on the same weekend. In Columbus, Starcraft 2 was the overwhelming favorite and the major draw for fans tuning in online. Currently in production, My Life for Aiur is slated for release in 2012.

-Mitch Swenson