The new Super Stickman Golf may actually allow me to get good

Last fall, I was lured to a rustic cottage in the picturesque Hudson River Valley for a “work retreat”. Little did I know, the plan my colleagues had in store for me had little do with work, and everything to do with repeatedly bludgeoning me at Super Stickman Golf until I felt a terrible mix of shame, anger and despair. The physics-based racing game was the total opposite of the only golf game at which I excel: Golden Tee. It was like being hazed with no alcohol. Actually, there was a lot of alcohol.

Just as the memory of my violation recedes, Stickman developer noodlecakein a blog post this week, announced that the planned sequel is on the way for the first quarter of this year. To my shock and relief, Stickman 2 will include a turn-based mode, which might actually allow me to compete with the freaks I work with who seemed to have every course memorized and possess fingers much more agile than my own clumsy digits. There will also be an 8-player race mode, which will probably be “fun” for people who are good at it, and from which I will keep my traumatized distance.