New touch screen to revive the thrill of pressing buttons.

Like a child tapping glass at a toy store window display, the creators of Tactus Technology have felt a rift between finger and device since 2007, when Apple dropped the touch-screen veil over its devices and denied consumers the feeling of total manual domination. Perhaps seeing that child in all of us, Tactus developed Tactile Layer Technology, whose “Microfluidics” integrate a dynamic interface onto the device, from which buttons of various shapes and sizes can grow. The balls of Drop 7 may indeed put a new music of hemispheres at our fingertips. 

The best part is that this isn’t just a one-off prototype in a lab, but a demonstration Android Tablet using a technique that’s almost ready for mass production. The company says the technology will be available in tablets, phones, and other mobile devices from 2013.

[via 8 Bit Future]