New trailer for The Division shows off a bunch of really boring stuff

Here’s the thing: The Division looks great. I mean that it literally looks very pretty and that it also looks like it might be a really interesting game. Ubisoft is pretty good at this stuff.

The problem is that you’d never guess it from the trailer that dropped over the weekend, which carefully dodges saying anything remotely interesting about the game to instead spout a bunch of technical crap at you. Volumetric lighting? Check. Dynamic day/night cycle? It’s here! Talk of immersion? You’ve come to the right place. 

Why is a trailer like this okay? It’d be like taking out a three-minute advertisement during the Super Bowl to explain the cinematography of the next Avengers movie. It’s unfair to demand that all trailers speak to us in the exact manner we want, but surely boring into the game engine is the most, well, boring manner imaginable to drum up enthusiasm for a game.