New ‘Turf Geography Club’ is a mobile Wes Anderson tribute.

Foursquare’s society turf-war was a scary investment for many who feared constant oversight of their daily activities. Now those anxieties might relax in light of a new iOS app that overlays a pixelated, Wes Anderson storybook over Foursquare’s interface. Turf Geography Club takes its cues from Monopoly and a kindergarten scavenger hunt, asking players to discover new locations and treasures, own them, and then charge other players fake, yet weirdly real, rent. Verge has more:

The game has been available in a private beta for several months now, and the results were encouraging enough to attract $600,000 in funding from some notable NY venture capitalists.”He had something like one hundred and forty beta testers and they checked in 20,000 in the past few months. That level of engagement is way beyond the norm,” said Adam Ludwin, the principal at RRE Ventures who led his firms investment in Turf.

The game was created by Michael Tseng, who found early success with his Domino’s pizza tracker. He’s amazed by the game’s financial promise.

“It was pretty amazing to get a letter from an 11-year-old stuffed with cash asking to buy more coins in Turf,” said Tseng. “That was a clear sign the game was clicking with people.”

The “club” seems lifted straight out of Rushmore‘s opening sequence, while the idyllic child sojourn derives from Moonrise Kingdom. Whether this is an homage or a sly reappropriation is up for debate.